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The Fear Factor


One day last year, a Shavano Ridge homeowner made this sad comment:  

“I live right next to one of the board members, and I have to be real careful not to get crossways with him.” 

What a terrible way to live. Yet, since that day, there have been many similar concerns expressed by Shavano Ridge residents. 

Several neighbors wanted to take part in a newspaper interview but bowed out for fear of board retaliation should their identities be revealed. Some did agreed to be interviewed but ask that their identities be withheld.  

Perhaps they have good reason to be afraid. The board has expressed frustration at their inability to learn the identities of those homeowners who would criticize them on the Opinions page of this website. 

Why should Shavano Ridge residents have to live under such conditions? 

But it is not only the homeowners of Shavano Ridge who claim to be fearful of their neighbors; the board members claim they are afraid of the homeowners. When it was suggested that a board member personally visit homeowners who are in violation of covenants, in order to amicably work out a solution, they claimed it was too risky. 

“the personal risk to board members…did not warrant handling covenant violations this way.” 

What could the board members possibly have done that they must live in such fear of their neighbors? 

At the last general meeting they claimed they needed a policeman to protect them from the homeowners. 

How did things get so far out of hand? Why should there be so much fear in one small, San Antonio community?