What can you do to protect yourself from an adversarial homeowner's association?

The first thing you need to do is participate - get involved. Go to the board meetings and let the board members know how you feel. 

The next thing you can do is to vote. Be absolutely sure that the people you elect to the Board of Directors are reasonable, responsible people with an interest observing those democratic principals that are not written into the CC&Rs.

The next thing you can do is let your elected representatives know how you feel. Texas lawmakers are currently hearing a great deal about HOA abuse, and it seems this now one-sided battle between homeowner and HOA may soon change.  But your input is still required. Remember that management companies and lawyer's associations have powerful lobbies working against you.

Contact your Senator, Mayor, and City Councilman

Senator Jeff Wentworth

Mayor Ed Garza

Councilman Art Hall

It should also be noted that the Community Associations Institute has sponsored a book called Be Reasonable which offers advice for homeowner's associations as to the proper way to carry out their duties. Our board seems to be in violation of a great many of their recommendations.