Homeowner's Associations (HOAs)

"The ideal of the homeowner's association was that of self-governing local communities living the fantasy of the New England town meeting. The reality, too often, was an undemocratic oligarchy in which an apathetic body of residents was governed by a few dedicated or overly zealous neighbors who were for the most part told what to do by property managers and lawyers."                          Evan McKenzie

"An HOA is a private, nonprofit corporation and not a community or municipal government. It is governed according to and subject to corporation law and not municipality or city/town laws. The HOA is not a real democratic institution, it lacks a separation of powers doctrine as found in every level of American government. The HOA is allowed to bypass these fundamental governmental protections, including due process against arbitrary actions and the equal protection of the law for homeowners who have grievances against their board of directors."     George Staropoli

Here is a collection of articles concerning homeowners associations. Much of it should be required reading before anyone considers buying property in a planned community. 

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