SRHOA Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2004                      Back

Board Members Present:       

Jerry Smith (President)                                        

Pat Kingshott – Vice President

Ernest Garza – Treasurer

Bill Beverley - Secretary

Don Garrido                                                  

Don Pyka

Tim Parker – New member

Chris Myles (management company representative) 

Others Present:

David Crockett, Barbara Michlowitz, Mary MacDougall, Lih-Lan Hu, Chris Jenkinson, Jim Finch, Ed Kingshott 

Open Forum: The vice president explained that 20 minutes prior to the meeting there will be an open forum for homeowners to ask questions and voice their concerns. Previously it was used to discuss the Car Wash and Gordon Hartman Homes. 

The homeowners asked when the BOD had decided on a new President.  It was explained that after the Annual Homeowners meeting and election (March 10, 2004), Jerry Smith was elected President of the Shavano Ridge Homeowners Association (SRHOA).  Pat Kingshott will remain Vice-President, Bill Beverley Secretary, and Ernesto Garza Treasurer.   

A homeowner, who had previously painted the guard rails on the sidewalk overpasses, asked the president if he was interested in getting the rails repainted The president said the unsightly ones should be painted, and all should be inspected.  

Denton Development Company will provide the City and City Councilman Art Hall’s office with plans for a proposed park and nature trail to be associated with the construction of the Storage Unit and Lutheran High School.  These plans were shown to the homeowners present. A homeowner asked where the entrance to the park would be. The president said by the railroad tracks. Deed restrictions are in the process of being drawn up with the City Council. The development of the park will be paid for by the 2003 Bond issue and from City Parks and Recreation funds. 

The president talked about the need for a left turn signal light at the intersection of DeZavala and Rogers Parkway.  A prior traffic study had recommended the addition of a left turn signal. It was suggested that Shavano Woods Board be contracted to get their support for the light. 

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM

Agenda:  Harmon Homes Update


Issues regarding Covenants

Bank New Signature Cards 

New Business:

Annual Meeting and Bylaws

CAI/ Legal fees

Community/Neighborhood Chairperson

Landscaping on Rogers Parkway  

The minutes of the Feb. 10th meeting were accepted, seconded, and approved. No corrections were made.


It was decided that the minutes from the General Meeting (March 10th, 2004) were to be reviewed.  The treasurer wanted more time to look over the minutes prior to their approval because it was such a substantial document. He proposed a motion to wait until the June meeting to approve the minutes; the motion was seconded and approved.

The vice president read the Presidents report; she thought it was too long and may need to be edited for the newsletter.

The treasurer will review the budget report to make sure it is correct. 

The results of the vote on the Bylaws change were counted.  

Financial Report: It was noted that the Management Company has a new financial software program that makes it hard to read their ledgers. Year to Date (YTD) budget comparisons varied from annual budget comparisons.

Some spending went over budget such as printing/coping:

Budget = $800.00; cost to date =  $1263.00.

Extra costs were attributed to a second newsletter for the year.

It was noted that the builder of Gordon Hartman Homes has already filed covenants, so he has paid $2,112 for 33 lots. With the addition of the extra Hartman Homes fee, the association is under budget for the first five months of the year.          

The vice president said the expense of a second mailing for the General Meeting proxy form was due to an incorrect date, which required additional copying and postage. She said that we have had two newsletters so far and that sometimes the printing and copying costs are mis-categorized.

She then asked the management company representative about picking up this cost since it was their error.  The representative could not answer whether they will pay the expense because his boss is out of town. 

Then she asked the management company representative about the discrepancy in insurance costs; the management company representative showed her the statement with the correct costs.

The treasurer expressed his concern that billing errors were becoming much too common and suggested that he and the vice president keep a close eye on all bills, especially those for irrigation and landscaping.


Welcome Committee: No welcome packages have been delivered lately, but two houses sold recently so there will soon be two new residents.


Crime: Some vehicle damage was reported, and a street sign was knocked downed.  These events were thought to be related to a weekend party in neighborhood.

It was noted that a second block captain is needed for Ridge Farm. 

Publication Committee: It was noted that articles for newsletter are needed, especially cooking recipes.  The newsletter will be sent to the printer tomorrow (April 14th); the Block Captains will receive copies by Monday or Tuesday (19th or 20th). 

ACC: A number of requests were made: repaint houses (3), siding replacement (1), cedar fence (1), solar screens (2) and lighting (2).  Two are pending because no colors were mentioned. Some requests were not acted on because the committee members are still considering them. 

Grounds Committee: The president informed the management company representative that the entrance area near the rock wall has anthills and weeds that are not being treated as per the contract with the gardeners.  Also, no fertilization of the grass area was done as per contract. 

Covenant Committee: Letters sent out to six homeowners regarding lawn maintenance and one regarding a barking dog. The management company representative added these were friendly reminders. 

Yard of the Month: This observance will start the first week of May; an advertisement will be placed in the newsletter requesting nominations. 

Unfinished Business: The vice president said that at the annual meeting, a summary of the key dates of the subdivision was presented. This information will go out to all homeowners as an insert in next newsletter.  

She emphasized the important items as being: 

On Jan. 23rd 1996, Denton Development turned over control of the SRHOA to the homeowners. 

In Oct. 1998, the SRHOA requested declarant status, which Denton declined to grant.   

In 1999, Denton started developing 44 homes in Shavano Bend (unit 6).  

In the summer of 2002, at the suggestion of councilwoman Bonnie Conner, Gordon Hartman Homes contacted the SRHOA to inform them of his intention to purchase Unit 7 from Denton Homes and to develop commercial or residential property behind Shavano Ridge. 

In Aug. 2002, the board met with Mr. Hartman. Together, they composed an information sheet and organized an open forum with homeowners.  

On Oct. 3rd 2002, an open forum was held. Fourteen homeowners were present along with the board of directors, Mr. Hartman and his staff. 

Board decided that single-family homes would be the best option for the community and signed an agreement with Gordon Hartman.  The agreement would require a change in the zoning ordinance. The board proposed that Mr. Hartman accept a quarter vote for each of his 64 lots for a total of 16 votes. These votes will decrease in number as the homes are sold. The new homeowners will be full members of SRHOA.


A City Commission meeting was held on March 4, 2003: 

Four Shavano Ridge board members voted for zoning change. 

Three Shavano Bend members voted against the zoning change. 

No Shavano Ridge homeowners were present.  

Currently, five homes and two models are being constructed; it was said that five of the homes were sold as of last week (early April 2004). The model homes opened in March 2004. 

For the units that have sold, the average cost of the Gordon Hartman Homes (including upgrades) is between $100/ and  $110/ per sq. ft. New homeowners will get welcome packets. This information will be provided in the next issue of the newsletter.   

It was said that the homes in the neighborhood were selling at 98% of the asking price; however, it was also mentioned that some have fallen out of escrow.


Some issues with the Gordon Hartman homes were discussed.  

The fencing that was initially used was pine, but it has been replaced with cedar.  The fence was also off center. 

It was noted that the fence posts that support the fence separating the new street from the quarry were not placed parallel with the street.  Although the positioning of the poles was in accordance with the original plans, the positioning was changed when the president talked to the builder.   

The two house colors (“light yellow and a darker yellow”) were discussed.  The Hartman Homes designers selected these colors.  The president suggested that it would be good to have a mixture of colors and styles. This issue is being discussed with the builder.   

Model home signs outside SR are folding signs and put out on weekends only. There are some signs inside SR, near the Pizza Hut, which are acceptable. 

The new mailboxes are of wrought iron and arranged in groups of four and are placed on the opposite side of the street from the homes. They don’t match what is already in the SR neighborhood and some security issues were raised. The Post Office provides a choice of lockable boxes in singles, doubles, and fours or larger. The president talked to a Gordon Hartman assistant and the postmaster about this issue and found the decision is apparently up to the builder.  

It was noted that there was a difference between the setbacks of the SR homes (75 feet) and the Gordon Hartman Homes (35 feet) were noted. Where was no further discussion. 

Irrigation system to be used, if any, and the type of landscape are being addressed with the builder. The cost of irrigation was a concern.  Xeriscaping was considered but it was noted that even xeriscaping requires water. It was determined that gravel would be the cheapest to maintain. No decision was made. 

The traffic signs on the central island of the new street directing cars to the left and right are considered too large; the issue is being brought up with builder. 

There are outside speakers playing music in the two model homes. These are on a timer that goes off after the models close at dusk.  Where was no further discussion. 

There are no streetlights in the area yet, but they will all be placed on the “house side” of the street. The builder is adding more stucco to the houses (3/4).


Phase one improvement of the entrance was discussed.  Electric plans have been submitted for new light toppers (The glass filament enclosures).

Sign companies have yet to be contacted by the management company representative, but 3 bids will be obtained by end of the month. The job will require some electric work, toppers for lights, and a new sign.  One bid also includes moving the larger plants in the planter box back behind the floodlights. 

Covent Issues: update no action.  

Bank Signers for the Association:  Information was provided for the signing of association checks to Jerry Smith as the new President.


New Business

Bylaws Change: A homeowner made a motion at the General meeting to amend the bylaws so that complaints against homeowners are to be put in writing (letter, email or FAX), signed, and dated.  The motion was seconded and a vote was recorded.  A count (which included Proxies) was made after the general meeting; the Board recorded 65 no votes to 46 yes. The motion failed, so there will be no change. 

As requested at the general meeting, the accounting of CAI payments and all legal fees has been compiled for homeowners.  The summary will be published in the next newsletter. It was thought that no names be used in the newsletter just a summarization so as not to offend any homeowners. 

The “Unofficial SR website’s Open Forum” was mentioned by a board member; he noted that individual board members were named in the comments by homeowners.  He asked Mary MacDougall to remove his name from the website. He accused another homeowner (who was present) of putting his name on the website. That homeowner asked that he not make unfounded and untrue assumptions. Mary told the board that the homeowner comments were made directly to the website and she would speak with Dorian about having his name removed. The name was removed from all homeowner’s opinions. 

The president mentioned a need for starting a new committee to devise a better system for handling community complaints. At the general meeting, a large number of homeowners expressed concerns about the nature of the letters sent to homeowners by the board.  A review of what is done by other communities was suggested. The management company representative sends the violation letters.  He patrols the neighborhood every two weeks and notes violations of the Code of Compliance. The homeowners want the board to take a more neighborly approach. Board members know about the violations prior to the letters being sent out.  The Board sees the timeliness of response as an issue.  Ideas talked about were a call to the homeowner by a board member, or a note. Concerns were raised by board members about visiting the homeowners because of the fear of potential violence. The president is forming a committee and has talked to three homeowners about serving on it. The board decided that violation letters will continue to be sent until the BOD resolves the issue or develops a different system. 

The management company representative left the meeting at 9 pm. 

Bill Beverley has been doing extra duties for the association, but replacements are needed for some of these activities.  He asked that he not be the chair of the Covent Committee. A new Covenants Committee member and website person are needed.  A new website person has been identified but a committee member is still needed.  Mary MacDougall volunteered to serve on this committee or any other committee.  

The vice president asked whether a letter thanking the MacDougalls for repainting their house was sent. Mary did not think a letter had been sent but would check with Dorian and inform Pat. It turned out that the letter had been sent. 

The vice president mentioned that the association’s former attorney, Chris Webber, tried to over bill the association, but an agreement was made. There was a question raised by the treasurer about the balance sheet regarding delinquent fees comparing a March 31st statement of $1,025 versus April 3rd statement of  $1,381. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.