Homeowner Opinion Poll    

When confronted with the results of this pole, the Board made several unsupportable claims in an effort to discredit the findings. However, they were not confident enough in their claims, nor interested enough in knowing what residents of SR felt about their performance, to request that the results be recounted in the presence of one of their members.  Also, when asked, they refused to conduct a survey of their own; they chose instead to justify their indifference with this ominous phrase, "silence is consent."                                                               

Of the 264 questionnaires originally distributed, 75 have now been counted.    

Homeowner Participation Index = 28.4%;  Apathy Index = 71.6% 

1. Are you happy with the way Shavano Ridge is currently being managed? Yes[ 23 ]  No[ 42 ]

2. Do you think it is time for some new faces on the Board? Yes[ 58 ]  No[ 6 ]

3. Do you think there should be term limits for Board members?  Yes[ 57 ]  No[ 14 ]

4. Do you agree with the Board's opinion that the appearance of the neighborhood should reflect uniformity and standardization? Yes[ 30 ]  No[ 38 ]

5. Do you think that the CC&Rs should be subject to the Board of Directors interpretations? Yes[ 21 ]  No[ 47 ]

6. Do you think the Board should add new rules and restrictions without the approval of the homeowners? Yes[ 3 ]  No[ 69 ] 

7. Do you think there should be “standard Shavano Ridge colors?” Yes[ 32 ]  No[ 37 ]

8. Do you know what the “standard Shavano Ridge colors” are? Yes[ 12 ]  No[ 61 ]

9. Have you had trouble with the Board of Directors in the past? Yes[ 23 ]  No[ 50 ]

10. Do you think Shavano Ridge needs to have CC&Rs? Yes[ 54 ]  No[ 16 ]

11. Have you read the CC&Rs? Yes[ 51 ]  No[ 19 ]

12. When you were buying your home, do you believe the seller informed you of the deed restrictions in time for you to make a well-informed decision to buy?  Yes[ 29 ]  No[ 42 ]

13. Are you happy with the current management company? Yes[ 28 ]  No[ 35 ]

14. Do you think it's time to find a new management company? Yes[ 34 ]  No[ 26 ]

15. Do you think Shavano Ridge needs a management company? Yes[ 36 ]  No[ 26 ]

16. Do you think it is a good idea to have the management company patrol the neighborhood looking for covenant violators? Yes[ 27 ]  No[ 37 ]

17. Do you think the new Gordon Hartman homes adhere to the architectural style of the original Shavano Ridge homes? Yes[ 5 ]  No[ 54 ]

18. Do you think the Gordon Hartman homes will have a negative effect on Shavano Ridge home values? Yes[ 44 ]  No[ 15 ]