In the past, disputes with homeowners have arisen over landscaping. Landscaping can be found on page nine of the CC&Rs (article XIII). Most landscaping decisions are not subject to ACC approval except in these few instances.

All front yards and side yards on all lots must be planted with grass or other ground cover exclusive of any landscaped areas. Decorative ground cover rock in the front and side yards may not exceed (10%) percent of the total area of the front and side yards. Cuts into the natural grade visible from the street are to be faced with masonry, sodding or landscaping. Allowances may be made for areas left in their natural state depending upon their appearance.

Reference to landscaping can also be found in the Maintenance section (Article XII) also on page nine.

All yards and lawns shall be kept neat and well maintained and all grass, weeds, and vegetation on each lot shall be kept mowed at regular intervals. Trees, shrubs, vines and plants which die shall be promptly removed from each lot and replacements of equal quality shall be promptly installed. Lawns must be properly maintained (not to exceed six inches {6"} in height)...