The Vision for Shavano Ridge                                    

The Board has said that they have taken it upon themselves to establish and enforce a standardized look for Shavano Ridge without the approval of the homeowners.* They have decided that all homes must blend in with one another; no homes will be allowed to stand out. An overall sense of blandness and standardization was stated as their visual goal. "Nothing can be striking." The Board has also insists that there are "standard Shavano Ridge colors." But they have refused to identify those colors. The March 3rd issue of the San Antonio Current revealed that there never were any standard colors for Shavano Ridge: "Centex Design Center confirmed that there are no - and never have been standard colors for Shavano Ridge. "Even if we did have a standard list, they would have changed anyway. Many colors are discontinued," says Centex's Truth Camino."                    Rule Creation Recommendations

The Community Association Institute (CAI), which is the definitive source for information on the creation, operation and management of condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations recommends the following:

"A reasonable association tries to prevent problems by clearly publicizing the architectural control process in its newsletter. It also recommends which colors are approved by the association." 

It then gives these examples: 

"At the Highlands Ranch community in Highlands Ranch,  Colorado, the association maintains a notebook of paint samples. The book contains a variety of color also identifies base, trim, and accent colors."  "At the Ken-Caryl Ranch association, paints are categorized in notebooks based on base color. Each color book contains samples, brands of paints, paint numbers, and addresses of homes painted with that color."

We suggested this procedure to the Board back in February 2003, but so far, they have refused to make any clarifications.

In a March 2004 homeowner survey, 84.7% of the respondents said they were not made aware of what the Shavano Ridge colors were.

When and if they do identify them, you will find them displayed here.

* The March 2004 homeowner survey showed that 95.8% of respondents felt that the Board should not make up new rules and regulations without consulting the homeowners.