Most Frequently Violated Covenants

1. All lots in subdivision are for single family residential purposes only. Business uses are permitted provided it conforms with zoning regulations, is not detectable by sight, sound or smell and does not increase or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

2. All buildings, wall, fences, outbuildings or other structures must have ACC approval.

3. Every home must maintain and have a garage large enough to accommodate under roof a minimum of 2 full size automobiles.

4. Outbuildings shall be compatible with dwelling, not to exceed one story in height, other than a detached garage, nor exceed ten (10%) of the floor area of the main dwelling.

5. Fences shall not be built or maintained forward of the front wall line. All fences shall be wood, composed of 1" X 4", six feet (6') tall, notched, vertical cedar planks, without gaps. Exceptions made for retaining walls. Fences must be repaired and maintained. Corner lots must limit structures or landscape material over three and one half feet tall.

6. Driveways and sidewalk must be of broom finish concrete or brick pavers. Sidewalks must be 3' wide.

7. No temporary structures (tent, trailer, shack) on any lot. No trailer, camper, recreation vehicles, or similar vehicles to be parked in view from other properties or connected to utilities within the lot.

8. No signs, banners or pennants of any kind shall be displayed except one professional sign, no more than 9 square feet, advertising the property. Signs advertising property during construction are permitted.

9. Grass weeds and vegetation shall be kept mowed. All trees, vines and shrubs that die must be promptly removed. Lawns must be maintained not to exceed 6 inches.

10. Front and side yards must be sodded. Ground cover rock in front and side yard may not exceed 10% of total area of the front and side yard.

11. On street parking, except by visitors is prohibited. No trailer, motor home, tent, boat, recreation vehicle, travel trailer or truck larger than 3/4 ton shall be parked in front of the building of the permanent structure unless they are in an enclosed structure or in a screened area, which permits view from other lots. No dismantling or assembling of any of the above is permitted.

12. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor anything which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. No exterior lighting where light source is offensive to neighboring property. No exterior speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other sound devices shall be placed on lot.

13. No dumping on any lot.

14. Pets shall be kept in strict accordance with all local laws. Owners responsibility to prevent animals from running loose or becoming a nuisance.

15. No drilling or mining.

16. No individual water supply or sewage system.

17. No radio or tv antenna except those fully enclosed or retractable. No dishes on any lot without being fully enclosed or fully screened from public view.

18. Clothes hanging devices shall not exceed 6' high.

19. Easement for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are reserved and shown on recorded plat.

20. Basketball goals and backboards, or any other similar sporting equipment of either a permanent or temporary nature shall not be placed within ten feet (10') from the front property line of any lot in the subdivision without the prior written consent of the ACC.